Preparing Your Students

Ideas for your students BEFORE they attend the Student Leadership Conference

In addition to choosing some teenagers who are sharp and/or have shown potential toward leadership, we believe that everyone will benefit if they’re given a little pre-arrival attention. Please consider spending a little time preparing them to think and act a little different before they arrive.

Here are some ideas that might help you prepare your students prior to our time together in July.

1 // Have them read Help! I am a Student Leader

2 // Have them read Congratulations, You’re Gifted

3 // Have them write out their own faith story (either their conversion experience and/or a spiritual growth opportunity).

4 // Have them identify a mentor/encourager who could be praying for them while they’re away at the Student Leadership Conference.

5 // Have them write the top 5 things they love about your church and your youth ministry. (Two separate lists)

6 // Have them articulate two things they would like to help change in your youth ministry. Let them explain why they want to see the change and how they think they can help.

7 // Have them write a paragraph on they want and expect to get out of the Student Leadership Conference.

8 // Have them spend some time studying their Bible and discovering some biblical leaders and identify specific verses that describe leadership.

9 // Have them write a definition in their own words of the following…leadership, servant leadership, evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and worship.

10 // Have them list specific actions AND character qualities that they believe make up a Christ-following leader.