Get Involved

Youth Leader,

One of the values of SLC is that we want YOU and YOUR YOUTH GROUP to be involved. 

We are looking for youth ministries who will be coming to SLC who have successful STUDENT-LED ministry teams and would be willing to tag team (adult leader and student leader) a “how to” workshop on building that specific ministry team.

Here are some of our ideas….

Do you have a successful student led

Worship/Music Ministry Team

Greeters/First Impressions/Welcome Ministry Team

Care/Follow Up Ministry Team 

Video Ministry Team

Creative Programming Ministry Team

AV and Lighting Ministry Team

Photoshop Ministry Team

Drama Ministry 

Prayer Ministry 

Campus Club Ministry

Insert your successful Ministry Team here_________________

The workshop would be taught by both the adult leader and student leader and would include information on the following…

How to start

What it looks like (week after week)

What makes the ministry successful

What mistakes have you made that others should avoid

Why it’s important that it’s student-led

The workshop will be one hour and should include a few minutes for Q & A. In addition, we are looking for these workshops to be fairly interactive and experiential. We would like to stay away from lecture (another session where people are standing in front speaking at students). Our ideal is for you to present a workshop where students are moving around and physically involved in a hands-on approach to learning.

If you would be interested in teaching one of these workshops with a student-leader, please email and let her know which workshop interests you and which location you’re planning on attend (Texas, California, or Pennsylvania).