Protips from Alumni

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Jeff SelphYouth pastor
I knew it was a lot to ask our church for money but I simply explained how much it would cost if I took everyone that I would have liked to have taken. Then, I immediately offered to take a smaller, select group to try it out first. I wrote down what the students said about their experience and emailed it to our senior pastor and my deacon (who oversees my budget) when we returned from SLC. Now, my lead pastor and deacon have spoken up to support it as valuable and necessary part of our budget. We’ll be back again next summer!
Allison WilliamsYouth pastor
We made the full cost of SLC a church-wide budget item. Our students had to apply and be selected to participate, but we covered all of their expenses. As ministers and leaders, we are trained and equipped to be better at our roles so why wouldn’t we equip the next generation to lead? We told the leadership, parents, and students that we expected a full return on our investment this school year by implementing and training others in the principles they gleaned at SLC. (We also had a financial penalty if they cancelled participation after a certain date… by explaining that leaders commit!)
Jared EdgeworthYouth pastor
Our church has seen the growth that has taken place in the students’ lives that attend every and it has become a “can’t miss” event. This trip is in our budget.
Kim BowersYouth pastor
SLC is a great conference to bring underclassman when you are wanting to build or begin student leadership group. It’s a great way to introduce what student leadership can be, brainstorm together, and let the students build the momentum going into a new school year. It was so helpful for us!
Jon BatchYouth pastor
Here’s how we keep the costs down:
1. Stayed at a local college (Bethel)
2. Purchased pizza for dinner
3. Told our church and student leaders that this is the best student-focused leadership training event that money could buy
4. We budgeted money to make it affordable for the students
And finally…
5. Asked student leaders to add it to their “must attend” event for next summer