Day 1: 

Great opening night worship, fun, laughter, connections with hundreds of other teenage leaders, and establishment of the conference theme. Students will walk away with having experienced (1) Leaders are all about others, (2) a Humility Challenge, and (3) learn that biblical leaders serve.

All of our sessions have activities and discussions and movement.


Day 2: 

This is a great day with a ton of activities, workshops, and opportunities to flex leadership muscles. Students will better understand and clarify their personal leadership mission, they’ll learn a leadership equation (Burden + Passion + Vision = Mission), they’ll better understand how mission impacts their personal spheres of influence, and they’ll be learn that leaders are decision makers. It will be a powerful (and long) day.

Lunch is provided (breakfast & dinner on your own)


Day 3: 

This is the day where we pull everything together and come up with the “what’s next” for both individual students and the collective youth group. We will alsotalk about the value of risk taking and prepare students to lead when they return home.

Lunch is provided (breakfast on your own)

Schedule at a glance

July 9th
6pm-9pm In session

July 10
9am-12pm In session
12-1pm lunch provided
2-5pm In session
5-7pm Dinner on your own
7-9pm In session

July 11
9am-3pm In session… working lunch (provided)

**schedule subject to change in minor ways. You can count on starting/ending time to stay the same.**