Student Leaders Stand Up!

We know that you believe your students can lead, and at SLC, we’re out to help your students believe the same!

This year’s theme at SLC—“I Am A Leader”—will inspire your students to serve willingly, dream boldly, and lead confidently.

Bring your students and have them be challenged to lead through inspiring and powerful messages as well as hands-on initiatives. You’ll begin to see them put leadership into practice immediately. This is not just a come and sit and listen to speakers… it’s so much more. Lot’s of leadership activities, opportunities, and interactions with hundreds of other sharp leaders. It’s inspiring just to be with this group of leaders.

At the end of the conference you’ll see students walk away ready to exercise their influence across the spheres of home, school, and youth group. Join us at SLC, and tell your students you believe they can lead now.

This conference is not for everyone in your youth ministry… but it is for those who are either already leaders or those you want to tap on the shoulder and say, “I think you’re ready for this! I see. you as a leader.” 

We’ve put together our best team yet to make this happen! We’re combing the leaders from DYM, with the leaders from LeaderTreks, plus some of the Bethel College faculty to bring 100+ years of youth ministry experience to your students. And, as a bonus this year, we’re adding an adult leadership training piece too. When your students are doing some different activities, we’ll have specific youth ministry training available for your adult leaders. It will be a win/win/win all the way around!